Kinloch Capital

An independent, fiduciary, investment & wealth management firm

Kinloch Capital is an SEC-registered Investment Advisor.  As fiduciaries, we are legally-obligated to put your interests first.  As an independent firm we have no corporate parent pushing ‘financial products’ on you or ‘sales goals’ on us.  By intention, we are boutique in scale:  Not only do we know your financial goals, but also your pet’s name and that your daughter plays soccer, not field hockey.  Our size allows us to be nimble in adopting the latest technology and resources as we have no large legacy systems holding us back.  And in a sea of industry ‘sameness’ and ‘us too’:   Kinloch Capital brings a number of identifiable differences that we believe make us not just different, but better.


A Better Approach to Building & Preserving Wealth

At Kinloch Capital we follow an Endowment Model of investing, and a Family Office Model of sophisticated wealth management.  Are you familiar with the endowment model?  Has anyone suggested you open a family office?  If not, it’s probably because you don’t have $100 million or more to invest.  You see, if the big Wall Street firms read that you’d just signed a new $100M contract, or sold your company for $1 billion, they would come titillate you – the newly super rich – with unique and exciting ways that you can now plan and invest.  But what if you sold your business for ‘only’  $7M, not $700M?  Or what if you have a $1 million, not $1 billion?  Why can’t you plan and invest like the super-rich?  At Kinloch Capital, you can.  Our slogan is:  “We bring ‘billionaire strategies’ to you, the ‘millionaire next door'”.