Strategic Investments

At Kinloch Capital we are money-managers, not middle-men. This is in stark contrast to many advisory firms that outsource the investment management process to mutual fund managers and/or money-management firms in far-flung locations.  By eliminating the ‘middle-man’,  our clients have a personal relationship with the individuals most directly responsible for their results.  Not to mention the cost savings that typically occur when cutting out the middle-man of any business transaction.

But it doesn’t stop at stocks & bonds. Through our endowment model, we help clients diversify their portfolios through investments in real estate and private equity. (How would you have liked to buy into Uber 10 years ago. Or Google 20 years ago?) 

Wealth Management

Building up an investment portfolio is great, but at Kinloch Capital, it is but one part of a larger wealth management plan. Your financial strategy is developed by a team of Certified Financial Planners with decades of real-world experience. Whether your dreams are in the forefront or background of your mind, we’ll work with you to crystalize them into short-term and long-term goals for all your needs.

Our holistic approach to wealth management includes the following services to help you plan for the future and grow your financial portfolio:

Five Pillars of Wealth Management Planning
– Insurance: Do I have the right coverage? Am I paying the right prices?
– Investments: What do I own? Why do I own it? Do my investments align with my dreams and goals?
– Tax: When was the last time my preparer suggested an inventive way to save $1,000 or more?
– College and Retirement: Higher education for myself, my children, my grandchildren?
– Estate Planning and Philanthropy: What happens to my estate when I am gone? How do I make the most of my good fortune?

– Securities: Do I want successful, proprietary investment strategies that are available nowhere else?
– Real Estate: How’s my real estate portfolio doing? We’ll help you build one, or maximize the value of properties you already hold.
– Private Equity: Have I taken advantage of opportunities to invest in successful companies of the future?

About Our Clients

Although we serve a diverse range of clients, we specialize in four key areas – physicians, leadership of Richmond’s Fortune 500 companies, successful business owners and entrepreneurs, and women who find themselves single due to divorce or widowhood.