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While Kinloch Capital serves a wide range of clients, we have extensive working knowledge within four niche areas – Physicians, Leaders of Richmond’s Fortune 500 companies, Business Owners & Entrepreneurs, and Women Navigating Divorce or Widowhood.


We understand MDs and DOs face a unique combination of blessings and challenges. High income, but also high taxes. Invest or pay-off six-figure loans?  While many have 40+ years to save for retirement, you probably have half that time.  We’ll show you how to safely ‘turbocharge’ your assets to get you where you want to be, in quicker time.  Our clients include those in emergency medicine, OBs, orthopedists, pathologists, ophthalmologists, endocrinologists, and anesthesiologists.  We’re familiar with those who are hospitalists and in private practice.

Leadership of Richmond’s Fortune 500

Altria. Anthem. CarMax. Large local employers such as UPS, McKesson, and CapitalOne. Our clients work for all of these companies, and we understand the higher the corporate ladder you climb  the less likely it is that the bulk of your pay is in cash. Welcome to the world of equity compensation:  Stock, stock options, restricted stock, stock purchase plans, non-qualified deferred compensation, and all the complications these bring. You lead your team, crush your KPIs, and hit your P&L.  We’ll make sure you’re maximizing your corporate benefits and compensation plan.

Business Owners          and Entrepreneurs

We get you because we’re business owners too.  We come from a family of entrepreneurs.  As such, we know business owners tend to be very focused on their company and less so on themselves. The majority of your net worth is probably tied up in the business and you’re heavily reliant on a future sale to secure your well-being later in life. We can help maximize the value of the business, as well as develop your “Plan B” to allow for the disruptive world that is today’s business environment.

Women Navigating Divorce or Widowhood

Some of life’s most stressful and traumatic events happen when we least expect them and are least prepared. If you find yourself single either through widowhood or divorce proceedings, know that we have the expertise in assisting you to navigate the financial implications of these events and planning for your future security.

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